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White Crane Tai Chi (Shuang Yang)

At Tiger Crane Kung Fu we teach White Crane Tai Chi, also known as Shuang Yang (Frost & Sun).

This Internal Kung Fu Style is one of the rarest forms of Tai Chi. Originating in the Southern Shaolin Temple, its form consists of 66 movements or fighting principles.

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In our Tai Chi classes we teach Shuang Yang – an internal Kung Fu style originating in the Southern Shaolin Temple. It can be considered one of the rarest forms of Tai Chi, although it is now becoming more popular in the West.

The form consists of 66 movements, each of which is a self-defence principle with many applications. We practice the movements as one slow, graceful and fluid sequence. This means the style is suitable for people of almost any age. The movements integrate with Chinese medical principles. Hence regular practice can help promote healing and recovery from injury.

Come along to one of our Tai Chi classes and see for yourself how Tai Chi can help you improve your posture, balance, and core strength, while also making you more present and mindful.

White Crane Tai Chi Classes


Ideal for beginners of all ages, our Tai Chi classes focus on good posture, balance and the use of breath.

Movements are slow and gentle, incorporating Qi Gong exercises – excellent for building good health and improving strength.

Using a rooted stance and slow, graceful movement, the practitioner trains to develop internal power or intrinsic energy, one of the highest levels of achievement in Chinese Martial arts.

Suang Yang is also considered a form of moving meditation, and because of the slow and gentle movement is extremely good for improving health and recovering from injury.

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Reduce stress
Learn Mindfulness
Improve your posture

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Members Testimonials

[…] 11 years later I am still training both hard style Tiger Crane Kung Fu and White Crane Suang Yang. It has become an integral part of my life and through Dave’s teaching, I have not only developed physically but also become stronger as a person. […] Dave is a fantastic teacher as well as an extremely experienced and talented martial artist and I cannot recommend him highly enough for people of all ages.

Lise M.

Have been training here for years – an unusually traditional club where you will learn lots of patterns and do a lot of hard drilling (although tai chi is also available), […]. Most of the senior students have been training many years, and at least half are women so there’s no macho posturing. […] Cannot recommend strongly enough – life changing if you put a little time into it!

Ben W.

Fourteen years of training with Dave in the Tiger Crane style has been life-changing for me. The training and Dave’s instruction has given me not just physical and mental strength but has also been instrumental in helping me achieve life goals and career ambitions.

Sayeh G.

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