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Welcome to Tiger Crane Kung Fu!

We hope that you enjoy(ed) your trial class, and that you want to continue training with us. In order to do so, you will need to join the club as a member. The annual membership fee is £60, and is payable at your second class, and renewed yearly on, or before, the anniversary of this date.

Tuition fees vary from Instructor to Instructor, so once you’ve decided who you want to train with, please contact them directly for information on their fees.

You can download the Tiger Crane Membership Form here. You will need to print this out, complete and sign it, and return it to your Instructor.

The terms and conditions of membership are below. Any significant changes to these will be notified to our membership via the relevant WhatsApp groups.

Tiger Crane Kung Fu – Terms and Conditions of Membership

Conduct of members

Members agree to abide by the instructions of their instructor at all times whilst attending classes and other events organised by the club.

Members should not use the kung fu techniques taught to them unless this is absolutely necessary in order to protect themselves or another member of the public from physical attack. Where kung fu is used, members must ensure that it is used responsibly, in moderation and within the bounds of the law of the country in which they are in.

Waiver of liability

Members agree to practise kung fu training at their own risk and understand the dangers involved in practising kung fu. Whilst the club will take steps to ensure that all students behave and act appropriately during classes, the club cannot accept responsibility for the actions of all individual students. Members accept that injuries or accidents may be caused by other students and must therefore be alert at all times to safeguard their own well-being.

Members understand that kung fu is a martial art by which it is possible to kill and agree not to hold the club or its instructors responsible for any loss that they may sustain whilst practising kung fu. Members must never show any of the principles and techniques to anyone without prior permission from their instructor. They are not allowed to teach any of the principles and techniques unless authorised by Instructor Dave Courtney Jones.

Benefits of membership

The club is an organisation headed by Instructor Dave Courtney Jones, who has offered expert teaching in the UK since 1998. Membership allows students to benefit from:

• Training with qualified and insured Instructors.

• Grading under Instructor Dave Courtney Jones.

• Attending and taking part in organised events. Throughout the year these may include (but are not limited to) training camps, trips, competitions, dinners and others.

Membership of the club does not carry any other rights or benefits and members are prohibited from using the club name, brand or other intellectual property for their own personal gain or interests.

Medical conditions

Members have a duty to inform their instructor immediately if they attend a class or other event and they suspect or know that they are suffering from any medical condition or ailment which may affect, or which may pose a health risk to other club members, students and instructors.

The member is solely responsible for ensuring that they are in a fit state to participate in classes. In addition, at the start of each class members must inform their Instructor of any injuries that they may have sustained prior to the class.

Should any member sustain an injury during a class or other event organised by the club then this must be immediately reported to the instructor present, who will ask the member to complete an Accident Form.

Insurance cover

Membership includes insurance cover with the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations for Great Britain (WAKO GB). For more details please speak to your Instructor. Please note that this insurance only covers students training in the UK. For overseas students (who attend online classes from a different country), we recommend that you arrange your own sports/martial arts personal accident insurance in your country if this is available.


Members must pay their annual membership renewal (currently £60) on or prior to the anniversary of their date of joining the club as full members. Membership fee renewals should be paid to their instructor. Members agree that all fees paid are not refundable.

Termination of membership

The club reserves the right to terminate a membership with immediate effect at its absolute discretion if it deems this to be in the best interests of the club. Where a membership is terminated, this will be communicated to the terminated member in writing. In any event, criminal behaviour or any other conduct that jeopardises the reputation of the club will be deemed as grounds for immediate membership termination.

Tiger Crane Kung Fu – Terms and Conditions for Online Learning

These terms and conditions are in addition to the terms and conditions of membership, which still apply to all students of the club whether training online or in class.

Health & Safety

Tiger Crane Kung Fu & its Instructors cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries sustained by a student during online learning. By Participation in online classes, the student confirms that they do not have any existing health issues which should prevent them from doing martial arts training (if in any doubt, they should consult with their doctor prior to commencing class). The student must also declare in writing any known health conditions to the instructor prior to taking part in training so that the instructor can take account of these in class.

In order to minimise the risk, the student must make sure that sufficient space has been cleared for training to take place in. Injury can be sustained by swinging the hand or leg into a piece of furniture, falling over a tripping hazard, or slipping on an unsuitable floor surface. The student must ensure that they can swing their arms and legs, as well as take a few steps forwards and backwards. The student must remain aware of their surroundings at all times and move to a more suitable position if they are likely to come into contact with any object. If more than one student is sharing the same device at one time for online training, additional care must be taken that they have sufficient space to train, and that they won’t hurt each other by accident.

Suitable clothing and footwear must be worn for training, to allow freedom of movement, and to ensure that they can grip the floor surface sufficiently. (If training on a smooth floor, it can be dangerous to train in socks. In this case, please go barefoot, or wear shoes).

If the student feels unwell, or in pain during the training, they should stop immediately, and explain to the instructor, who can advise them what to do. The student should have the ability to call for medical assistance if necessary.

Further Advice for Parents (Online Learning)

We recommend that you remain present in the room with your child while they are training to ensure that they remain safe and well-behaved throughout the class. Because of the nature of the online learning environment, as the instructor is not present in the room, they may not be able to prevent your child from having an accident.

In your absence, where children are disruptive to the class, for example by unmuting their microphone and repeatedly interrupting the class, we reserve the right to disconnect them from the class. In this event, we will notify you of the reason after we have finished the classes for that day to explain our reason for doing so. In this event, fees are non-refundable.