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Tiger Crane Kung Fu

Our Tiger Crane Kung Fu classes are excellent for quickly learning to defend yourself, and improve your fitness and physique.

Whatever you’re facing, learn to stand with the strength of the Tiger, and win with the refinement of the White Crane.

In our Kung Fu classes, we teach the traditional Chinese martial art of Tiger Crane Combination Style Kung Fu. (In Chinese, Hu He Shuang Xing Quan).

According to oral tradition, two Kung Fu Masters (Hung Ee Kan and Tee Eng Choon) created the Tiger-Crane Combination style. A male Tiger Kung Fu Master and a female Crane Master fell in love and married. Training together, they combined the best elements of the Tiger and Crane kung fu styles into one fighting system.

The principles are predominately those of the White Crane kung fu system, shaped to have a more Tiger-based emphasis. Still keeping the grace of the Crane, the style has the power of the Tiger.

It is known as a scholar’s style and uses technique and versatility to overcome opponents who may have an advantage due to their size and strength. This makes it an ideal form of self-defence for women and men alike.

The White Crane Kung Fu system is famous for its complex system of footwork and its pressure point striking.

As a typical Southern Style of Kung Fu, the movements are ideal for self-defence in typical scenarios of city living, where you might have to defend yourself at close range against more than one opponent.

Tiger Crane Kung Fu Classes


Initially, in our kung fu classes, you will learn basic strikes, blocks, kicks and stepping techniques.

We will do exercises to build your strength and fitness. You can do these at your own pace, to begin with.

Basic partner work exercises help you to quickly learn self-defence skills.

Classes are approximately 50/50 male/female split, and new students are always welcome to join us.


Self-defence and Kung Fu Classes London

Learn Self defence.
Improve Your Fitness.
Become More Confident.

We enjoy exciting


Regular gradings, seminars, and training camps are part of our yearly programme, allowing you to deepen your understanding of Chinese Martial Arts, and to progress in a structured manner.


Regular full-day seminars give students the opportunity to train extensively, focusing on a particular aspect of the style.


Regular gradings allow students to test their skills in a formal environment, and to progress through the style syllabus.

Training Camps

Training camps give students the opportunity to further deepen their knowledge of Kung Fu in a week-long trip abroad.

what They’re Saying

Members Testimonials

Been with Dave for nearly 8 years so far, which have been truly life-changing. If you are looking for effective self-defence, improved health and fitness and greater strength (physical and mental!) – look no further! Forget the gym – Dave’s Kung Fu will give you all you’ve ever wished for, and more!

Brigita P.

Dave has been a fantastic teacher over the last five years. I started training after seeing how he motivated my children and can honestly say five years later that despite middle age approaching I am in the best shape I have ever been, and can do things I was never able to do before. Kung Fu makes you awesome!

Gregg B.

I began studying Tiger Crane Kung Fu with Dave over a decade ago and have not looked back. The style is as challenging as it is rewarding, and the physical and mental benefits are constant and lasting. The club is always welcoming and Dave is a very experienced instructor with deep knowledge and passion.

Costia K.

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