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Martial Arts Styles


We teach Tiger Crane Kung Fu, White Crane Kung Fu and White Crane Tai Chi (Shuang Yang)

At Tiger Crane Kung Fu we teach the Tiger Crane Combination and Yong Chun White Crane Styles of Kung Fu and the Suang Yang White Crane Tai Chi Form.

All three styles originate from the White Crane system of Kung Fu, the styles contrasting and complementing each other beautifully.

Kung Fu is a journey.

For most people, when they first start training martial arts, they are looking for an alternative to the gym. They want to improve fitness, build strength and confidence, deal with stress and also learn realistic self-defence techniques.

But behind this is the Eastern philosophy, the Chinese culture, the Buddhist and Taoist influences and the pursuit of self-mastery. Training Kung Fu can become a lifestyle which helps the practitioner to become a more well-rounded person. They are calm in the face of adversity, always searching for the best way to overcome obstacles in their life.

The learning of Chinese Martial Arts leads directly into the Art of War and related Chinese Military Strategy. This is applicable in many parts of modern-day life, allowing the martial artist to apply these principles and achieve direct results in other areas of their lives.

At Tiger Crane Kung Fu we teach the Tiger Crane Combination Style of Kung Fu the Yong Chun White Crane Style of Kung Fu and the Shuang Yang White Crane Tai Chi Form. All three styles originate from the White Crane system of Kung Fu, the styles contrasting and complementing each other beautifully.

Beginners are always welcome, and can start with any class, but if in doubt, we encourage you to begin with both the Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes to see how they feel for you.

Kung Fu

Tiger-Crane Combination Style Kung Fu

According to oral tradition the Tiger-Crane Combination style was created by two Kung Fu masters who married and combined the best elements of the Tiger and Crane Styles into one fighting system.

The principles are predominately those of the White Crane system, shaped to have a more Tiger-based emphasis. Still keeping the grace of the Crane, the style has the power of the Tiger.

The Tiger Crane style uses technique and versatility to overcome opponents who may have an advantage due to their size and strength. White Crane Kung Fu is, in fact, famous for its complex system of footwork and its pressure point striking.

Our Kung Fu classes are excellent for quickly learning to defend yourself, and improve your fitness and physique.

Tai Chi

White Crane Tai Chi (Shuang Yang)

 This Internal Kung Fu Style, is one of the rarest forms of Tai Chi. Originating in the Southern Shaolin Temple, the form consists of 66 movements, or fighting principles.

Shuang Yang is an internal Kung Fu style, originating in the Southern Shaolin Temple. It can also be considered one of the rarest forms of Tai Chi, although it is now becoming more popular in the West.

The form consists of 66 movements, each of which is a self-defence principle with many applications. We practice the movements as one slow, graceful and fluid sequence. This means the style is suitable for people of almost any age. The movements integrate with Chinese medical principles. Hence regular practice can help promote healing and recovery from injury.

We enjoy exciting


Regular gradings, seminars, and training camps are part of our yearly programme, allowing you to deepen your understanding of Chinese Martial Arts and to progress in a structured manner.


Regular full-day seminars give students the opportunity to train extensively, focusing on a particular aspect of the style.


Regular gradings allow students to test their skills in a formal environment, and to progress through the style syllabus.

Training Camps

Training camps give students the opportunity to further deepen their knowledge of Kung Fu in a week-long trip abroad.

what They’re Saying

Members Testimonials

I could not have wished for a better kung fu instructor or mentor than Dave. He has been there for me through some extremely tough emotional times and has been a steady guiding hand throughout my life. My excuses don’t wash with him, but over the course of more than a decade, he has also encouraged me in my creative endeavours and has often shown more faith in me than I’ve ever had in myself and my confidence has soared as a result. I still have a long way to go. And as long as I have Dave to help me, I’ll be just fine.

Dawn L

I first met David Courtney Jones when my then 6 year old son Isaac started training in his children’s kung fu class. It was impressive seeing my child so engaged and enthralled with what he was learning and it looked a lot more fun than going to the gym so I asked Dave if there was a class for adults too. 11 years later I am still training both hard style Tiger Crane kung fu and  White Crane Suang Yang. It has become an integral part of my life and through Dave’s teaching I have not only developed physically but also become stronger as a person.  I have had the opportunity to travel to China and compete in an international kung fu competition and It doesn’t hurt to know that I could defend myself in a dark alley in London either. Dave is a fantastic teacher as well as an extremely experienced and talented martial artist and I cannot recommend him highly enough for people of all ages.

Lise M

Fourteen years of training with Dave in the Tiger Crane style has been life changing for me. The training and Dave’s instruction has given me not just physical and mental strength but has also been instrumental in helping me achieve life goals and career ambitions.

Sayeh G

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