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Join our live online Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes and train from home with us – there’s no better home workout! Complete beginners are always welcome, so get in touch today to start your training!

We are a Traditional Kung Fu Club, established in London for more than 20 years.

With the Covid-19 outbreak, and the need for social distancing, our classes are now all broadcast online (alongside our face-to-face sessions, as and when we are allowed to run them). Teaching is still live, and as always, we’re welcoming complete beginners to join us in our home training!

If you’re looking for a home workout to help keep your sanity while you’re self-isolating, join us today. Who knew that exercise at home could be so much fun?



Joining us for the first time?

You can join our live classes using Zoom.us – it’s very easy to use, and you can start learning straight away. Links to our Instructors’ timetables are below (scroll down).

KIDS – All Kids Kung Fu classes are open to beginners.

ADULTS KUNG FU – You are welcome in any Kung Fu class, but we do also run specific beginners’ classes – please take a look at the timatebles to find these.

ADULTS TAI CHI – All Tai Chi classes are open to beginners.

Please get in touch so that we can detail the costs, and send you your invite to your first class!

Tiger Crane Kung Fu – Distance Learning


As they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and for us, the silver lining which has come from the Covid-19 “Cloud” is our discovery of Zoom, and the fact that it is now possible for people to train in our classes from virtually anywhere on the planet, providing they have a good internet connection!

Can I really get good at Kung Fu by learning online?

We have been teaching Kung Fu for more than 20 years. Over the years, we have tried various platforms to teach people in different countries, but moving fully online, which was necessitated by the Covid-19 Pandemic and the UK Lockdowns, happened for the first time in 2020.

As technology gets better and better, the ability to teach students online also improves.

After initially thinking that the online learning experience was not as good as face-to-face, we have largely been proven wrong. Luckily Tiger Crane Kung Fu, as a style, lends itself very well to online learning, and we have been really impressed with how well people have adapted to learning in this new way, which requires a different skill set. So far the results have been amazing!

Can I still grade through your syllabus?

Yes, we now have an online grading system in place. For our students who are training from a distance, gradings are especially important – as well as judging your standard of ability, we will also be looking at your movements to make sure you are training safely. We’ll be looking at your joint alignment, posture and movements to make sure you’re not damaging your body.

So how does it work?

Very simple! We have three Instructors who are currently teaching online classes. You can find links to their profiles, timetables and contact details here:

Dave Courtney Jones   –   Timetable   –   +44 7958 980 280   –   dave@tigercranekungfu.com

Daniel Shaw-Abulafia   –   Timetable   –   +44 7792 641 465   –   daniel@tigercranekungfu.com

Maki Nakasone   –   Timetable   –   +44 7841 030 900‬   –   maki@tigercranekungfu.com

Just drop us an email, and we’ll get all the information you need back to you. (Please forgive any delays – as martial artists, we would rather be teaching or training than sitting behind a keyboard!) Please note that our classes are currently taught in English.

What about face-to-face learning?

If you’ll be travelling to the UK, then you’re very welcome to join our regular classes, currently based in London, as well as one-day seminars in Kent.

If you can get sufficient numbers together in your country, then let us know, and we may be able to arrange a seminar in your country.

What about insurance?

Our Instructors and UK students are insured through our governing body, WAKO GB. Unfortunately we are unable to arrange insurance for overseas students. If you are joining our classes from abroad, and you wish to do so, we recommend that you look into arranging your own insurance  in the country where you live.

what They’re Saying

Online Testimonials

One of the only good things to come out of the Corona crisis are the online Zoom classes. They have enabled me to pick up my training again after moving away from London. The online classes make me feel part of the training community again. It‘s great to be able to get fit without putting oneself at risk and it is easy to follow the instructor on the special online classes. For me they have been a very positive experience.

Alex S (Germany)

Discovering Kung Fu with Dave was a life changing experience. Unfortunately, when I moved away from the UK, training with the club had to stop. Thanks to online classes I am regularly training again (even grading and attending camps!) for the first time in a decade. It is almost as transformative as it was the first time around. Online classes have offered me the discipline, camaraderie, physical exercise and challenge that I have been craving. I will always look forward to training in person but, until my next UK visit, I will happily and gratefully continue online training.

Ariana P (Canada)

At thirty, much later in life than intended, I started training Tiger Crane kung-fu with Dave Courtney Jones, A  long held ambition to learn kung-fu and a need to give my work tired bones a stretch and something  new and mentally de-compress finally realised. The club has seen me through some challenging times and given me so much. When life took me out of London the club was the thing I missed the most. The opportunity to re-connect and train on Zoom has not only helped me through Covid times but helped me continue to improve, focus stay fit and confident.  The style deep challenging and purposeful and continues to give me great joy after 20 years”.

Simon D (UK)

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