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Kung Fu Classes

Kung Fu Classes in highgate with Instructor Daniel Shaw-Abulafia

Highgate Timetable


Kids Kung Fu: 5.45-6.30pm

Beginners Kung Fu: 6.30-7.30pm

The Highgate Society
10A South Grove
London N6 6BS


Kids Kung Fu: 5.45-6.30pm

Beginners Kung Fu: 6.30-7.30pm

Pond Square Chapel (Upstairs Chapel)
South Grove
London N6 6BA

New starters are always welcome. Please get in touch to arrange your first class!


You can contact Daniel on +44 7792 641 465‬, or email daniel@tigercranekungfu.com

About Daniel

I have been training in Kung Fu for over a decade. I started at 15 and through my years of training, Kung Fu has benefited my life: it’s helped me to become stronger, fitter, faster and confident. As a dyslexic teenager, I struggled with speech and language. Then realised that I think visually so at College, I studied Art, Media Production, Graphic Design and did a two-year Art Foundation Course. Thinking visually helped my Kung Fu: I maintained my training and while still at College I participated in international competitions in China. In 2015 I became an international champion in China winning three gold medals. I also hold four silver medals and one bronze medal.


Learning a traditional style.

The style I teach is Tiger Crane Combination, or in Chinese Hu He Shuang Xing Quan. This combines the 400-year-old White Crane Style with the Tiger Element which dates from the Qing Dynasty.

I also teach Shuang Yang which is a White crane Tai Chi style, which originated in the Shaolin Temple. It’s considered to be one of the rarest forms of Tai Chi, and focuses more on developing internal strength but is also a fighting style.


About the classes:

You learn basic strikes, blocks, kicks and stepping techniques. Exercises will build up your strength, speed, flexibility and fitness. When you start, all this can be done at your own pace. With practice, as you build up your skills, you will become more confident, more disciplined, fitter and stronger.

In the Tai Chi Class you start by learning Qi Gong exercises and then move on to the first four Steps of the Tai Chi Form. This will help you to be calmer, more focused, develop core strength and leg strength.

Can anyone learn Kung Fu?

Of course! I teach Kung Fu classes for both Kids and Adults. Beginners, students of different abilities and different levels are welcome in my classes.

There is no set requirement to start training.



How does it work?

Very simple, please find the link to my profile and contact details here:

Daniel Shaw-AbulafiaTimetable – +44 7792 641 465 – daniel@tigercranekungfu.com


Just drop an email or call/text. I’ll get all the information you need back to you.

Please note that our classes are currently taught in English.

what They’re Saying

Members Testimonials

“I started learning Kung fu with Daniel only a few months ago with no previous experience of martial arts. His lessons have been fantastic, I feel I have been able to progress quickly and have learnt much about the Tiger crane style. I was nervous about starting but with his expert guidance and tuition I really enjoy the lessons: they are hard work but very rewarding and it great to get fitter and stronger whilst learning something completely new.”

Lindsey A.

“Our 10 year old very much enjoys training under Daniel’s instruction. All the students get a good degree of individual support and this has helped our son improve his skills considerably during the past year or so. In this time he has attained his first grading; is ready for his second and is progressing well learning the first pattern of Tiger Crane Kung Fu.”

Alex G.

“Daniel is very encouraging with all the practising we do in lessons and is often fun in class too. I have benefitted from his lessons because they are calming and helped me to improve body awareness and strength”.

Oliver B.

“Daniel’s classes have made a real difference to my son’s self confidence and physical control. My son never wants to miss a class. Daniel seems to take classes seriously, is always organised and good communicator, but also very approachable and motivates his pupils”.

Laura B.

“Daniel is a wonderful teacher who really understands how to appeal and communicate well with children. He has really inspired my son to work hard at his kung fu and would recommend him to anyone looking for an incredible teacher”

Rebecca N.

‘We found Daniel’s classes thanks to the pandemic, and we are so grateful! Daniel’s classes have added discipline, physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, and fun to our week. My son looks forward to every session, practices all week, and misses them during the breaks! I am also delighted that my son has Daniel as a role model: a kind, thoughtful, strong young man.’

Karem R.

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