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Kung Fu: 7.30 – 8.30 pm

St Barnanbas Church
Shacklewell Row
London E8 2EA

Pembury Community Centre Covid-19 Operating Procedure

Reviewed 14/7/21

1. Vaccinations

Tiger Crane Kung Fu would like to encourage all over 18’s who will attend class in person to get double-vaccinated as soon as possible, unless they have a personal medical reason not to do so. We believe that the benefit to our classmates and society in general far outweighs the risk of serious side-effects.

2. Deciding whether to come to class

We would like to encourage our students, where possible, to now return to in-person training. We are keen for you to return to a more normal lifestyle, and direct human interaction with your classmates is part of this, and is important for your mental health.

Remember that the Zoom classes will continue to run indefinitely, and are available as an alternative means of accessing the classes for anyone who is unable to attend in person.

It is still the student’s responsibility to decide whether it is best to attend class at Claremont, or if it would be better for them to attend the class on Zoom.

We ask that persons who have been told that they are in any of the “at-risk” categories use their own discretion about whether they should continue to use the Zoom classes, even when they have received both doses of the vaccine.

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, or you have been told to self-isolate, you MUST NOT attend class. Please remember that your decision can affect the safety of everyone else in class.

If you are coming to a class at Pembury Community Centre, you will need to book a place. (Initially spaces will be limited at the current level, and this will gradually be increased over the summer of 2021). This is done at https://tigercranekungfu.com/class-bookings/. If you haven’t booked, or if the class is already full, you will not be able to train at Pembury Community Centre. In this case you should join the class using Zoom.

If you will be unable to attend a booked class, please cancel your booking at the earliest available opportunity, to make space for others.

3. Preparing to attend class

Preparation checklist

  • Pack your own hand gel
  • Bring a face covering to class
  • Wear your uniform – please avoid getting changed at Pembury Community Centre if possible.

Use the toilet before you leave!

Do a self-check for Covid-19 symptoms before you decide to attend. If you have any symptoms, you should self-isolate, and use NHS 111 online service for advice.

4. Getting to Class

Please consider your route to class – is it possible to avoid public transport? Choose a route which will minimise your risk of infection.

5. Arriving at Pembury Community Centre

If you are early, please wait outside the venue, and do not congregate in the main corridor. Please do not enter the building until it is time for your class to start.

Please wear a face covering whilst moving through the building to the training hall. If you wish, you can then remove your face covering for the training session.

We will no longer be temperature checking students as they enter the building.

Use your own hand gel or the dispensers provided to clean your hands before class.

Place belongings at the back of the room and then form up in the Hall.

There is no longer be a requirement to observe the one-way system through the building.

6. During Class

Please note that it is NOT mandatory to wear face coverings for exercise classes. If you wish to wear a face-covering, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is correctly worn, and you take care not to touch your face if you need to adjust the covering.

Class format and exercises have been modified during this period to minimise risk to attendees. These take account of distancing, breathing and sweating as well as touching the floor with hands, etc. Over the coming months, certain exercises will be reintroduced, within the guidelines set by our governing body. Please discuss this with the Instructor if you want further information.

Doors and windows will remain open throughout class to ensure proper ventilation of the training room.

In general, the majority of the classes will be spent formed up, with everyone at least 1m distant from their neighbour, and all facing in the same direction. Initially any partner work will be for very limited time periods, and will not be compulsory. Students may also wear face masks during partner work if they wish.

Please do not use the toilet unless it’s absolutely necessary. In this case the toilets are all to be used as marked, and on a one-in, one-out basis, with only one person in a toilet at any one time. Please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after use.

Don’t share food or drink.

If, at any point during the class, you start to feel unwell, you should notify the Instructor immediately, and follow their instructions.

7. At the End of Class

If your individual training area has sweat droplets on the floor, you must clean this up yourself using the spray and blue roll provided for this purpose. Blue roll must then be placed in the bin. You should then clean your hands after this using your own hand gel, or the dispensers provided. Disposable gloves will also be available for this use.

Make sure you haven’t left any items or rubbish behind! Clearing these up will put others at risk of infection.

8. Leaving Class

Wash hands using hand gel or hand sanitisers.

Leave promptly and please do not congregate in the main corridor.

Double check to make sure you haven’t left anything (including rubbish) behind – clearing this up will put others at risk!

9. Arriving home

We still recommend the following best practice when you arrive home.

Take off your uniform and reusable mask and put it straight into the washing machine.

Take a shower before you do anything else.

Kung Fu


Our Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes in London are welcoming and friendly, with an approximately 50/50 male/female split. Complete beginners are always welcome, so get in touch today to start your training!

Our traditional Chinese martial arts classes are held at Angel in Islington, and Old Street in Clerkenwell. Training is a short walk from Angel, Highbury & Islington, Euston, Kings Cross, Old Street, Barbican, Farringdon, Moorgate and St. Pauls tube stations.

At Tiger Crane Kung Fu we teach the Tiger Crane Combination Style of Kung Fu and the Suang Yang White Crane Tai Chi Form.

Choose which style you think will suit you most. All sessions are open to beginners, so just pick the most convenient session and simply turn up.

Both styles are complementary and many of our students train both.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to book in advance, but you’re welcome to get in touch if you have any questions.

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