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Martial Arts for Kids

Kids Classes

Kung Fu classes for kids in Islington & Archway – Our classes at Angel will reopen again as soon as we can after lockdown – PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR OUR COVID-19 OPERATING PROCEDURE – please get in touch for more information!

Kids Timetable


Advanced Class: 5.45 – 6.30 pm


Claremont Hall
24-27 White Lion Street
London N1 9PD


BEGINNERS Class: 5.45 – 6.30 pm

Claremont Hall 
24-27 White Lion Street
London N1 9PD


Mixed Level Class: 9.45 – 10.30 am

Claremont Hall 
24-27 White Lion Street
London N1 9PD

Claremont Hall KIDS CLASS Covid-19 Operating Procedure

Commencing 2/9/20 

1. Deciding whether to send your child to class

Please remember that the Zoom classes will still be running. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to decide whether it is best for their child to attend class at Claremont, or if it would be better for them to attend the class on Zoom. Please remember that your decision can affect the safety of your family members, as well as those of everyone else in class. 

We strongly recommend that children who are in contact with family members who are in any of the “at-risk” categories continue to train using the Zoom classes until a later stage of the pandemic. 

If your child has any symptoms of Covid-19, or you have been told that they should self-isolate, they MUST NOT attend class. 

In order to attend class at Claremont, you will need to book a place for the term in advance. (Class spaces will be limited to 12 persons, and where a class is oversubscribed, priority will be given to the children who have been training for the longest period of time). This is done by contacting dave@tigercranekungfu.com to book your child’s place. If the class is full, your child may be able to attend class on a different day. If you haven’t pre-booked, your child will not be able to train at Claremont. In this case your child can still join the class using Zoom.

If your child will be unable to attend a booked class, please notify the Instructors as soon as possible, in order to make space for others.

2. Preparing your child to attend class

Remember the principle is to “Get in, train, and get out”.

Preparation checklist for your child 

  • They should have their own hand gel
  • They should put on their uniform at home – please avoid getting changed at Claremont if at all possible.
  • If getting changed at Claremont is unavoidable, please make sure they have a suitable plastic snaplock or drawstring bag which can hold ALL of their clothes and other items.
  • They should carry their uniform shoes with them and put these on before entering the Claremont building.
  • They should bring a plastic lunchbox, or similar, to keep any items, snacks, waterbottle in during the class. Please use a permanent marker to put their name on the outside.

Your child should use the toilet before they leave home!

Please calculate when they need to leave, and make sure you will be on time! PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE! Because of the additional measures, if they turn up late, this may cause significant disruption. In this case you should consider your child joining the class using Zoom instead.

Please check your child for Covid-19 symptoms before you decide they should attend class. If they have any symptoms, your family should self-isolate, and use NHS 111 online service for advice.

3. Getting to Class

Please consider your route to class – is it possible to avoid public transport? Choose a route which will minimise your risk of infection. 

4. Arriving at Claremont

If you are early, please wait outside the venue, observing social distancing and without blocking access to the entrance or exits. Please do not enter the building until directed to do so by the Instructor. Your child should put their training shoes on before entering the building. 

As the building is an over-55’s community centre, we ask that your child should please wear a face covering whilst moving through the building to the training hall. If they wish, they can then remove their face covering for the training session. 

As your child enters, they will be temperature checked, using a non-contact IR thermometer. The parent/guardian will also be required to agree to a laminated Covid-19 statement in order for their child to attend the class (confirming no Covid-19 symptoms, and no requirement to self-isolate). Children should please wait their turn, observing social distancing. 

Each child should then use their own hand gel or the dispensers provided to clean their hands before class.

Belongings should be placed at the back of the room and the child should then form up in the New Hall, in one of the marked places. 

If you are late, you must wait outside the building and call Dave on 07958 980 280. When he is able to, he will then come to let you in, following the above procedure. 

Please note that a one-way system is in place, and you will be required to follow this. Entrance is through the main entrance,  and exit will be via the fire exit from the New Hall. 

Parents/guardians will be asked NOT to remain in the building during class. Please wait for your child at the fire exit on White Lion Street to collect them afterwards. Please do not be late to collect your child. Parents/guardians will be welcome to join the Zoom session to observe the class and monitor their child.


5. During Class

Please note that it is NOT mandatory to wear face coverings for exercise classes. If you wish your child to wear a face-covering, it is your responsibility to ensure that they know how to wear it correctly. Care should be taken not to touch the face if they need to adjust the covering.

Class format and exercises will be modified during this period to minimise risk to attendees. These will take account of distancing, breathing and sweating as well as touching the floor with hands, etc. Please discuss these with the Instructor if you want further information.

Doors and windows will remain open throughout class to ensure proper ventilation of the training room.

We will make every effort to keep the children in their marked places in the hall. If the 2m distancing becomes compromised, the Instructor will stop the class and move people to allow 2m distancing again.

We are asking all hall users to not use the toilet unless it’s absolutely necessary. In this case the toilets are all to be used as unisex, and on a one-in, one-out basis, with only one person in a toilet at any one time. Your child should ensure that they wash their hands thoroughly after use.

The children must not share food or drink.

Conversation should be kept to a minimum. Remember the principle is to “Get in, train, and get out”. 

If, at any point during the class, your child starts to feel unwell, they should notify the Instructor immediately, and follow their instructions.

6. At the End of Class

Your child should be careful to make sure they haven’t left any items or rubbish behind! Clearing these up will put others at risk of infection.

7. Leaving Class

Children should wash their hands using hand gel or hand sanitisers.

Children should leave promptly using the fire exit from the New Hall.

If your child must get changed at Claremont after class, they should make sure that their training clothes, shoes, and mask are all packed away in a plastic snaplock or drawstring bag.

They should double check to make sure they haven’t left anything (including rubbish) behind – clearing this up will put others at risk!

8. Arriving home

Your child should take off their uniform and reusable mask and these should be put straight into the washing machine.

They should then take a shower before doing anything else.

Kids Kung Fu


Our Kung Fu classes for kids are great fun! Children learn discipline and respect, while also improving their coordination, spatial awareness and overall confidence.

Our traditional Chinese martial arts classes for kids are held at Angel in Islington (Wednesday and Saturday), Archway (Saturday) and at Stoke Newington in Hackney (Tuesday).

The classes are great for building confidence and self-discipline, as well as coordination and building self-defence skills.

Children are welcome to start the classes from the age of 5, and boys and girls are both welcome!

There’s no need to book in advance, but you’re welcome to get in touch if you have any questions.

what They’re Saying

PARENTs Testimonials

Our son (7) has grown and developed in focus, physical awareness and self-belief through Kung fu classes and gradings and the positive and professional teachings of Kerry and Dave. We thoroughly recommend this club – my wife is considering joining too!”


Most importantly they are having fun while doing it and are happy to keep training, and that is great for kids of that age (9 and 10) who usually give up easily on activities.

Ezio L.

[…] by far, the best class my son (5) does in terms of encouraging balance, coordination plus good listening and general discipline. And it’s very entertaining to watch!


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