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We asked Alexander (15 years old) to write about what he has gained from his Kung Fu training – why Kung Fu training might be important for teenagers – and this is what he wrote:

The 4 lifechanging attributes Kung Fu has given me: Discipline, Perseverance, Self-respect and Confidence. They all come through the process of a lifestyle rotating around what I love (Kung Fu).


An important value in order to achieve things, it allows me now to get up and train in the mornings while others are sleeping or revise for exams when tired, it gives me an edge. It has enabled me to excel in every aspect of my school life, I went from getting low grades to high A’s and A*’s. All thanks to my Kung Fu training and having the discipline to grow mentally and physically.


A skill I took away from classes and working towards making my Kung Fu more devious, more unpredictable and more decisive than others. Now I persevere to carry on and become the best I can be! It has also taught me to not give up the first time as you are not always given a second chance.


This is a value that surprisingly many lack. There have been times when I have very much needed it, because sometimes you can’t let others tell you what to do, but need to respect your own opinion and decide for yourself.


Possibly the most important thing anyone can ask for, it is necessary to have confidence to achieve anything, whether it be talking to a girl or performing in front of 10,000 people. It can all be taken away from Kung Fu training.

All I can say is: start to train, train hard, don’t procrastinate, be disciplined, persevere, respect yourself and others and be the most confident you have ever been! Then you can achieve anything.