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Standing with the Strength of the Tiger

Firstly, I want to personally thank every one of our existing students for their continued support and hard training throughout the Covid-19 crisis. 

The soul of any Kung Fu club is made up of the people who train in its halls, and I can truly say that we have stood in the face of this crisis with the strength of tigers, and have maintained the refinement of white cranes. So well done to all of you!

And now, I hope, we can start to look towards the next few months, and the staged release from lockdown.

Restarting In-Person Classes

The following dates are based on guidance published by our governing body, WAKO GB, and follow the guidelines in the UK government roadmap for a phased release from National Lockdown in England.

As such, the dates are subject to change, as the government may review and amend the dates as necessitated by any unexpected changes in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Consequently I plan to amend this document as necessary, to reflect any changes to the dates or phases.

Phase 1: Kids Classes to Restart at Claremont Hall

Our Kids Class are now running again!

These will be the only classes we are permitted to run until the next phase, and consequently these will be run by Assistant Instructors, while I remain in Kent for this 4 week period to run the majority of our timetable over Zoom.

These classes will be run as Covid Safe sessions, employing all of the measures, including social distancing, that are already in place, based on the risk assessments made in 2020. 

Parents will need to book their child(ren)’s place(s) in these classes in advance, to ensure that we are able to run them according to our social distancing guidelines. If places are not booked in advance, then children will not be allowed to attend these classes. Please email dave@tigercranekungfu.com to book a place in these classes.

Phase 2: Adult Classes to Restart at Claremont Hall

We currently have a start date for this as Monday 17th May.

Indoor classes for adults may resume from this point. We are still awaiting guidance to confirm if classes must remain socially distanced or not at this point.

Theoretically at this point Padwork and sparring training can also resume, but must be with the consent of the athlete or their guardian (if a minor).

1-Day Workshops (Camps)

Our camps are now running face-to-face again – the first date will be Saturday 24th April. Camps will be broadcast simultaneously over Zoom to allow remote attendance.

Other Venues

We will remain in contact with our other venues, and will update this section as soon as any other news is available. In the meantime these sessions will continue on Zoom.

Continuing with Zoom Training

It is our intention to continue to make our classes available via Zoom indefinitely. In most cases this will mean a simultaneous broadcast of our In-Person classes over Zoom, allowing students to attend the classes remotely as required.

New Students

New students are always welcome to join our sessions, whether in-person, or over Zoom. Please get in touch for more information.