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Online Kung Fu Training all started with a Pyjama Party…

Well, at least the “online” part of “Online Kung Fu Training” did… A student showed me a photo of her and her friends all up on the same screen, having a pyjama party together, but from their own separate houses hundreds, or even thousands, of miles apart.

This was before the pandemic began, but I think that this is a scene that will become more and more familiar over the coming weeks and months.

And so, as I began thinking about how I can keep my students training over the coming months, the seed of an idea had been planted. How do we keep the Kung Fu Family together? How do we all keep our mental health intact when we are confined to our own homes? How do we keep training our Kung Fu?

Why Traditional Kung Fu is becoming EVEN MORE Important

There are few forms of exercise which are as holistic as Chinese Martial Arts. It’s the complete Body, Mind, Spirit package developed in the temples of China over thousands of years.

The training leads you down a path of increasing control of your body, your concentration and your breath. The benefits are many and various, but as we are moving into an era of being forced to stay in our own homes, exercise from home – staying fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, will become a priority for everyone.

And it’s also one of the few forms of exercise which leaves you with a practical skill – the ability to defend yourself. The ability to fight to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm in whichever form it comes.

So the Solution – Training from Home

All of our classes (for children, as well as adult Kung Fu and Tai Chi) have now gone online using zoom.us, allowing our students to be socially responsible and train from home (wherever home is), so they can exercise online.

We hope that this live online kung fu training will help us keep our sanity in these difficult times. For as long as it takes. So we can exercise to keep our immune systems strong. So we can defend ourselves. So that our Kung Fu skills keep getting better and better.

And, as ever, complete beginners are always welcome in class. So now you can start your Kung Fu Journey by training from home! If you want to find out more, please get in touch. You could be doing your first ever Kung Fu class today!