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Dear Parents,

Please note the following guidelines, so that your children are all able to enjoy our online classes in safety, and without disruption.

  • We can’t be responsible for your child’s safety or behaviour while they are participating in our online classes. For this reason, we recommend that you are in the room with them when they are participating.
  • You will need to clear sufficient space for them to train in. In most cases, it should be enough for them to swing their arms and legs, and take a few steps forwards and backwards. If at all possible, we want to avoid them having to attend an already overloaded hospital after accidentally kicking a piece of furniture, so please take care with this.


  • Please make sure that your children are not eating or chewing gum whilst training. This is dangerous, as it could cause your child to choke.
  • Please make sure that any family pets are not in the same room as your children while they are attending class. The presence of an uncontrolled animal in the room greatly increases the risk of your child having an accident during the class.
  • Children should train with their device microphone muted throughout the class. Failure to do this can interfere with the sound from the Instructor’s microphone, and disrupt the flow of the class. If they have a question, they should ask you to unmute the device for them, and not do it themselves.
  • Children should attend class in their Tiger Crane Kung Fu uniform, if they have one. (Sorry, but we are unable to provide uniform at the moment, due to the lockdown).
  • Lastly, please be aware that we have to prioritise teaching and the flow of the class over “crowd control”. If any child is repeatedly disrupting the class, we reserve the right to disconnect them from the class. If this happens, once we have finished the classes for that day, we will WhatsApp the parent to explain our reason for doing so. Discipline and good behaviour are essential when learning martial arts, as the children are learning a skill which can be used to harm other people. 

We’re really enjoying the classes, and it’s great to see the children attending and keeping their Kung Fu training going. We also hope that the sessions are helping you during the lockdown. We just wanted to set down these guidelines to make sure that everyone can get the maximum enjoyment and benefit from the sessions! If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch!

Dave & Kerry