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It seems obvious, perhaps. We do it to challenge ourselves, to see whether we can achieve a difficult task that we’ve set ourselves. To enjoy that feeling when it’s all over. That mixture of achievement and relief. 

Then there’s the charity of course. We do it for the Claremont Project. It’s for a good cause, a great cause even. They support those in need and we support them when they need it. 

We do it for Kung Fu, for hard work, for filial piety. To give service to our elders, even if it’s via Claremont. 

We do it to be together and for our club, to stand in public and say “here we are”. 

We do it for all those reasons, but most of all we do it to be more than ourselves. We do it for fellowship and community. We do it because it matters. 

[2022 is the first time we have done a fundraiser for a few years – we are supporting Claremont Project, our adopted charity, by helping to raise funds for a defibrillator and two evacuation chairs. If these ever get used, it will be in order to try to save someone’s life – what better cause is there? You can donate at Sayeh’s donation page at this link]